Mystery Mentor Virtual mentoring program to share and learn about business and personal development.

What is Mystery Mentor?

At Mystery Minds our goal is to create meaningful personal connections.

Currently many employees and entrepreneurs are missing personal interactions and informal ways of learning from coworkers. That's why we decided to create Mystery Mentor: A free mentoring program to help you share and learn capabilities around Business topics and Personal Development with real people.

The purpose of Mystery Mentor is to establish a #learning and #giveback culture in our society. Our mentoring scheme focuses on people with experience or interest in soft skills like personal development, strategical thinking and leadership. Depending on you need, you can sign up as a mentor or a mentee for the topics below.

Sign up for Mystery Mentor to share your insights with someone keen to learn from you or to learn and grow with the help of experienced people.

Why should I sign up as Mentee?

  • Learn and improve your skills
  • Meet inspiring people
  • Change in your daily routine

Why should I become a Mentor?

  • Share and give back to motivated learners
  • Generate new perspectives and ideas
  • Foster your knowledge with learning by teaching

1. Registration

To participate, please register on the platform. Select your preferred role (mentor or mentee) and pick from a list of competencies that you can teach or alternatively would like to improve.

You can become a mentor or a mentee for several topics.

And don't forget, you can change your preferences anytime!

2. Matching

Our smart algorithm will arrange a suitable connection between you and your mentor or mentee.

The goal is to leverage on your expertise and learn from each other.

A helpful how-to-guide will be included in the initial email.

3. Mystery Mentor

Now the journey begins.

We’ll suggest a time and date for your first meeting. Find about about your chemistry and check if you would like to work together.

If you established a connection, together you’ll be able to coordinate on future meetings, frequency and goals.

Your own in-house Mentoring solution
Create knowledge through meaningful connections

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Participation statistics, corporate design, customized texts
and other specific matching criteria are available.

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With each match, you will receive a link to the Mentoring Guidelines. Feel free to take a peek into the document right away!

Sign up

Languages What language(s) do you speak?
What role do you identify with? We encourage everyone, no matter their level of experience, to sign up as a mentor or a mentee. If you are passionate about sharing ideas and would like to be part of the discussion, both roles offer a rewarding opportunity to expand your network and share your generation’s perspective.
As a Learner (Mentee): I would like to grow in these topics:
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Privacy policy

Change my settings

Are you already signed-up and want to change your settings?
No problem, we will immediately send you a link!


Everyone who is interested in improving his/her skills, or who can share his/her life experience. Our focus is currently on Business and Personal Development skills.

Yes, please. In order to assure a high quality mentoring journey, we have decided to disable private email addresses for registration. If, however you would like to sign up using your private email, please contact us via email at

After registration you will receive a suggestion for a Mentor / Mentee at the beginning of the next month. You can then decide in the first meeting (“chemistry session”), if you would like to engage in this working relationship. You will receive guidelines to prepare for the first mentoring session. Each month you will get the chance to be matched with a new Mentor / Mentee. Enjoy the process and feel free to arrange your own mentoring journey!

Yes! After having received a match with your mentor/mentee, we’ll send you a PDF-file containing the most important information about your mentoring journey.

You can take part as mentor or mentee in each cycle. We will then regularly ask you again, if you would like to participate in the upcoming round at the beginning of each month. You can switch roles in your personal settings, add a new Mentor / Mentee to your list and start a new journey. All is possible.

If we find a suitable partner to be your mentor or mentee, you will receive one match at the beginning of each month. Each month you can decide if you want to be in the next matching round again. So in the long run you might have more mentors or mentees in parallel.

In the settings you can set your mentoring preferences and your availability (e.g. vacation) as well as pause your participation.

If you have lost the link to the settings, you can have a new one sent to you here.

Yes. Your data is stored on a secure server in a ISO-certified data center in Germany. Processing takes place within the framework of data protection law (GDPR-Regulation). The data will neither be shared with your employer nor evaluated for any other purpose.

You and your Mystery Mentor partner will receive an email containing a suggested time for a initial meeting and the next steps. You can follow this suggestion or coordinate on a different time with your partner.

You simply complete the login by clicking the confirmation link in an email that we will send you. In the section “Change my settings” you can request a “magic-link” to alter your preferences, change your availability, pause or unregister completely.

Participation in Mystery Mentor is free of charge! In these challenging times, we would like to make your day-to-day home office experience more social and diverse. If you would like to introduce a customized version of Mystery Mentor at your company, please contact us.

If you decide to take part in the next round of matching, you will receive a new match at the beginning of each month.

Both you and your partner will receive an introductory email. Mentors will receive an additional email containing a calendar file and a time suggestion for a first get-to-know-session. mentors are responsible for setting up the first session.

It is best to use your preferred video conferencing solution, such as Teams, Zoom, or WebEx. Alternatively, you can use your private Skype or WhatsApp for the first video call. If your are based in the same city and the situation allows a face-to-face meeting , go for it :)

A personalized version of Mystery Mentor can be customized specifically to address the needs and goals of your company. Apart from your own corporate design we implement specific rules for the matching in order to improve the flow of communication among your workforce. For example, you may want to use organizational hierarchies, job tenure or thematic questions for the matching. Feel free to contact us for a personal webinar!

Just drop us an email.

About us

We are Mystery Minds, a HR Tech company from Munich and Vienna.
Our mission is to humanize the digital world. For this purpose, we have developed innovative match-making tools that are already used over 150 companies in more than 60 countries.

If you want to learn more about our solutions,
we would be happy to hear from you.

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